No.1 brand and sales by providing Top Tier products


No.1 brand and sales by providing Top Tier products
Global LED lamp manufacturer and exporter

LED has become an indispensable and vital commodity in this modern society. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly, it now has a solid place in the current lighting industry. The recently-growing number of replacement of automotive lights and interior lighting to LED lights reflect this change in the industry.

Ambitious to someday fully replace automotive lights – with which safety is considered to be the utmost priority – to LED, we have developed and exported automotive LED lights since our establishment in 2001. With our on-going dream, belief, and passion, we are proud to now stand as one of the leading LED lighting companies in the world. We have also achieved #1 in sales and market share in North America for LED lights for commercial vehicles – the only Korean company to have done so.

Most notably, all Creslite automotive lighting products undergo both thorough self-testing and those by a certified laboratory and comply with FMVSS-108 US, CMVSS-108 Canadian, and SAE standards.

With constant R&D and quality innovation, we will continue our efforts to make a measurable impact in the global automotive LED lighting industry, in the hope of becoming a world-class company.